Q2 Caliper SDK

The Q2 Caliper SDK is a community of developers, backed by powerful software tools and APIs, working to bring useful and beautiful financial tools to their customers.

Using Caliper, you will be able to create online banking extensions, test them, and submit your work for review and deployment by Q2.

The networking capabilities in the Caliper SDK are based off of the fantastic Tornado project.

The Caliper python library works on Python versions:

  • 3.7.x

If you need help beyond what’s available here, checkout our support guidelines.

If you are new to Python, the Python Quick Reference is a great place to start.

When you are ready to explore the Caliper SDK, let’s work through some introductory material.

If you are using our Cloud Development Environment, there’s some setup work to do in your IDE.

After that we recommend jumping in to our tutorials, which will get an extension up and running that shows off the capabilities of Caliper and renders inside a Q2 Online banking environment.


With Caliper SDK 2.0/Online 4.4, our front-end tooling game has been decidedly upped. For more details check out our Tecton Documentation.


Work at Q2? Before you go through the tutorial, you will want to read This on getting set up.